Volvo presents the C40 Recharge

New cars from Sweden are (almost) always interesting. Because the innovations don't come that often. Today Volvo introduces the C40 Recharge. A fully electric SUV Coupe that, depending on the reading, an XC40 Recharge with a different roof or that

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Volvo is changing - completely electric and online

In Gothenburg today, the course is being set for the future. Volvo is going purely electric, goes into direct sales. And not only that. The brand introduces a new car. That doesn't happen too often, and it's an opportunity

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Mercedes EQS as a benchmark?

Hengchi 3 - Hyperscreen and enormous range

More and more details about the Hengchi electric cars leak to the media. Evergrande Auto's Hengchi 3 is an all-electric luxury-class SUV. There are no current pictures of him and no clearly assignable prototypes. It would be possible that the

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10 Hengchi SUVs in the winter test

Evergrande Auto's Hengchi SUV on winter test drive

It's going to be exciting, the Evergrande Auto market launch is getting closer. While Hengchi 1, an all-electric luxury sedan, is already known, the rest remains mysterious. For the first time, an SUV has now been spotted. Actually not just one, because in the Evergrande style

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NEVS Mule in Trollhättan - SUV test vehicle? Photo credit: FCE

Secret revealed - Evergrande NEVS Mule in Trollhättan

In August last year, the photo of a NEVS Mule attracted attention. A mysterious vehicle, well camouflaged under an old Saab 9-3 body. What was hidden under the camouflage has not yet been clarified. The secrecy in Trollhättan works

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Hengchi 1 with ultra-vision glass dome and displays for the rear passengers

Traditional luxury - the interior of Hengchi 1

Evergrande Auto wants to get the auto industry moving with the Hengchi brand. Expectations are high, but there is no revolution. But not the surprise. In the interior, Hengchi 1 is traditional and pampered with luxury reminiscent of the heyday

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New on the market and already at dumping prices

Drug subsidy - the subsidized electric car boom

The purchase of electric cars is strongly encouraged. This is good for metropolitan areas, but also dangerous. Because subsidies are a double-edged thing. They are dangerous and they create dependencies. Dealing with them intelligently would be the challenge for the state. Because

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Evergrande production in the Nansha factory

Evergrande Auto builds auto parts factory in Shanghai

Since Evergrande Auto is the owner of NEVS and thus the old Saab factory, the news from China is of interest. These are contradicting itself. Evergrande Auto publishes prices for vehicles that don't even exist yet and builds factories to manufacture them

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Production of the ex-Saab 9-3 at Evergrande Auto

One last dance - Saab 9-3 production at Evergrande Auto

Evergrande Auto has started test production in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The Saab 9-3 sedan rolls off the assembly line in both plants. Or rather, what was once a Saab. Because the Saab logo can no longer be found on the

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Evergrande Auto's new build in China

Soaring ends - Beijing puts Evergrande on a leash

Not surprisingly, the corona pandemic is not leaving the Chinese economy unscathed. It ends flights of fancy, and the Evergrande Group is also feeling the consequences. The administration in Beijing puts the company on a leash. This seems to be quite short

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Lynk & Co Zero - electric car with a range of 700 kilometers from 2021

Car manufacturers - the Chinese have already landed

Generally there are two types of invasions. One is tough, aggressive and spectacular - the other is quiet and gentle. History teaches us that it is the most successful variant. Europe is currently experiencing a silent invasion by Chinese automakers. Barely

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My old combustion engine - when will you switch to an electric car?

Car calls - when will you switch to an electric car?

Now it is back, the time of car conversations. Unlike 2011, when everything revolved around the dying Saab brand. Now it's about the electric car. The environmental bonus beckons in the background, and suddenly people are interested in cars,

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Evergrande Nansha is in trial operation

Evergrande-Hengchi plant in Nansha is in trial operation

Certain things are done a little faster elsewhere than in Germany - especially in China and especially at Evergrande Auto. The new Evergrande-Hengchi factory in Nansha (Guangzhou) is in trial operation. It has been partially completed, and all should be completed by the end of the year

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The Sango on the test track in Trollhättan

Cool in Trollhättan? The Sango on the test track.

A purely electric, self-driving robot taxi from Trollhättan. Last week, NEVS presented the first self-developed electric car. Lots of space for 6 passengers in the smallest space and somehow cool. Futuristic, exciting. Just like in the metropolitan regions or in

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A Swede from China. NEVS 9-3 EV in Wallhamn

A Swede comes from China. NEVS 9-3 EV in Wallhamn.

Wallhamn is the automotive gateway to the world for Sweden. The industry processes its global exports via the port located somewhat north of Gothenburg. Construction machines, cars and buses from Volvo, heavy Scania trucks are waiting on the site. Wallhamn offers space

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