Saab factory 2012

The gravediggers of Trollhättan

The last Saab is sold, and in Sweden an era came to an end. One could get the impression that NEVS celebrated this event in social media. There is no reason for it, it is rather an event, the sadness

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Saab drama. The 19. December 2011.

It was a black day for Trollhättan, and the blackdest in the history of the car brand Saab. The 19. December 2011 brought the final out for the Swedish cult brand. Before, there were dramatic months, and there were always signs of hope.

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Opel and Saab in Hamburg. The end of the GM era.

The end of the GM era in Europe

Barely appreciated by the public, the GM era in Europe ended last week. Hardly anyone took note of the acquisition of Opel by the PSA group. GM said goodbye almost silently. The German car industry is fighting with Dieselgate meanwhile

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