Saab 9-3 deer barbecue new production

There is good news! The legendary Hirsch radiator grille for the Saab 9-3 series from model year 2008 is being produced again.

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Lafrentz makes deer. And 9-5 NG Diesel are looking for buyers.

The car dealership Lafrentz is working hard on the new edition of various Hirsch products. Some things are still in preparation, at

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SAAB Fan Shop: Saab Magnets & Saab Tin Sign

The classic collection in our Saab fan shop has been added. It is a challenge to find new and suitable products, which are the cult brand from Sweden justice. With classic Saab motifs, there is now a magnetic set consisting of 9 magnets, which are supplied on a historic Saab tin sign. Matching the Saab classics such as Saab 92, 93, 96, Saab Sonnet and Saab 99, the legendary Saab logo in the form of the stylized Saab B18 aircraft can be found on the massive metal sign.

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