Saab 9-5 Aero 2002 by Matthias

Saab passion. Enough is enough. But when?

Do you know that too? Again, the Broken Witch is on your beloved Saab on the way and the wife says for the umpteenth time, honey, sale but finally the car! And it annoys. Not the woman, no the defect. Is the car but again

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Saab 9 5 NG 2011

SmartBeam Bi-Xenon for the 9-5 Linear

The 2011 9-5 has been with us for 2 years so far. A Linear, originally on the road in Gothenburg, with unusually good equipment. The reason to “only” treat yourself to a Linear and not a Vector or Aero was the desired details, such as color, automatic,

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Saab 9000 "Joe"

Three years and 47.000 Km with Joe

It has been written in recent weeks a lot about the future of our cars as a youngtimer and if it works, so that the everyday work. Of course, it depends on personal circumstances and demands. Below is a small statement that

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Saab 9000 CC Adventure

After a week full of business news that did not really please us, we change the subject. It's about the first 9000er series to feature their 30 this year. Birthday celebrates. The article begins with a confession and tells of

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25 years SAAB 90 with Saab Service Gaworski

I am always happy when readers' reports flutter into my mailbox. Volker reports on his experience with Saab Service Gaworski, a relationship that has lasted for 25 years. In January 1990 I had our first SAAB - a SAAB 90 - with me

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SAAB first class service in Kiel

In December we wrote about the first-class service experience of my friend Achim at Saab Service Frankfurt. Frankfurt is in front of Achim's door, so it comes as no surprise that it has taken him to Carl Benz Strasse. Be clairaudient

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Now I'm helping myself: Window repair on the SAAB 9-5

Reader's contribution by Philipp Bohr A word to all reading SAAB mechanics anticipated: At the latest after completion of this project, I know what work you do, and that you are worth the sums that you pay, even if that on the

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