The Saab 9-5 - pure sustainability

The Saab 9-5 or Incarnation of Sustainability

I must confess that I actually came to the Saab by accident. Anyone who renovates an old house, knows that there is always something to transport. So I drove a white VW T3 double cabin.

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Audi gone, Saab bought. Saab makes happy.

Swap Audi for Saab. Saab makes happy.

My Saab story starts in early childhood. When I was about 4 years old I almost always played in the bathtub with a Saab 900 Coupe. Unfortunately, the toy did not survive my childhood.

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Timelessly beautiful design, typical Saab lines. Photo: Gerd

A Talladega for the anniversary

Actually, the 9000CS (Joe) should be the last one that we adopted - it is no longer easy to buy a SAAB today. Three are actually enough to continue driving SAAB for many years to come. Sometimes it happens differently.

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