Saab 9-3 sports suit Born from Jets

Saab 9-3 sports suit 2005 “Born of Jets”

Finally a small station wagon! The Saab-typical hatchback had had its day in the new 9-3 generation due to the infinite wisdom of the parent company GM, and the sedan was no substitute. In 2005 the time had finally come. Saab presented those from dealers

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Saab plant in Malmo 1989

Time document. New Saab plant in Malmö!

It was in 1989 when the first Saab 900 left the new plant in Malmö. The new Saab manufacturing facility was the Swedish government's response to the shipyard crisis that shook the country's west coast. A car factory was built on a former shipyard

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Saab: Saab 900 from “Vincent Wants the Sea”

More and more frequently we can see Saabs in films. Is it because filmmakers have always had a weakness for the cult brand from Sweden? Saab is supposed to be the preferred car brand of intellectuals, architects and doctors. I see that more relaxed. Saab

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The new Saab 900. Promotion Video 1994.

The new Saab 900 - Saab Promotion Video 1994

Is it really good 20 years ago that the Saab 900 II celebrated its premiere? Xnumx's Saab film, which is being launched in the US, shows the strengths of the 1994. Perfect ergonomics, a lot of comfort, the introduction of the Night panel, which

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Blogger back: The year starts off well!

Was it coincidence? On the Saab dealer tour two years ago, the only song on the hard drive of our Saab 9-5 sports suit was “Hey, Soul Sister”. So the song ran day and night and today I still play Saab, the

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Saab 9000 - Presentation of model year 1994

Idea. Saab 9000 and the model year 1994

Who drives Saab? Saab drive people who put on understatement. Welcome to 1994 and back in the good old Saab world. Today we start our Saab TV with a commercial from the year 1994. He comes from our collection

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SAAB Movie: 75 Years of Defense and Securitiy

The roots of Saab are aviation. A fact, not a marketing story. But everything started much earlier. The Saab AB, which also has its roots in Trollhättan, has summarized Saab history and a film about the 75. Birthday turned.

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SAAB movie: Spelet bakom Saabs bankruptcy

SAAB movie: Spelet bakom Saabs bankruptcy. Yesterday, the documentation for the Saab bankruptcy on SVT1. The article is also interesting for those of us who have little or no Swedish.

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