The 9-3 prototypes 2015

Turkey to license SAAB 9-3 technology from NEVS

Following announcements from earlier this week, NEVS has signed a new partnership with TÜBITAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. This cooperation includes licensing SAAB 9-3 technology and the provision of expertise in several areas.

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NEVS Manager talks about SAAB Future

The short break on the Saab blog is over. Opportunity for a short look in the quite calm, wintry Sweden. And on what a NEVS manager has to say in the radio interview about the future. But first to Uddevalla, a few kilometers

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SAAB Day: The King in Trollhättan

King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden was a guest at the Saab Museum today. Curator Peter Bäckström, who incidentally was a development engineer at Saab Automobile before moving to the Bil Museum, welcomed the monarch and handed over a Saab 92001 Roadster for the Royal

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