Long ago - Saab lettering in the Stallbacka

The Swedes and Saab - what's going on?

On December 19, it was 9 years ago that the factory gates in the Stallbacka closed. A long time from an automotive point of view. How has the brand held up in your home country since then? A look at the current numbers is worrying

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The future - how the blog project could go on

Since there will be no fundraising campaign on the blog this year, the question arises as to how the SaabBlog project will continue. On my first post, I received a lot of emails from readers who were concerned

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The current readership numbers - Saab is dead, isn't it?

There are people who consider statistics to be anemic stuff. For others it is life. As is so often the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. For example when it comes to readership. And around

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The Sion in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan. Image: Sono Motors

The fight for the Sion and Sono Motors

Actually, another article should have appeared here today. However, real life sometimes overrides my planning. And even if the link from Sono Motors to the blog actually alone the production site Trollhättan and secondarily the idea of ​​sustainable

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The darn 10. year

It was 2008 when Saab was able to sell larger numbers for the last time. Then the first bankruptcy followed with subsequent reconstruction. A low blow from which the brand was never really able to recover - and which took the long way to

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Geneva Motor Show. Newcomer Qoros.

The difficulty of establishing a new car brand

Do we remember qoros? The brand was featured on the blog several times in 2013. Former Saab employees, especially a former press officer, moved to China. An Israeli-Chinese consortium tried to build a new car brand with the help of deserving European veterans.

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Better days. Saab 9-5 NG in the paint shop 2010. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Trollhättan. The future of the old Saab factory?

The long summer break in Sweden is coming to an end, so maybe the news-free time in the old Saab factory. After the departure of former NEVS CEO Bergman over a month ago, it had become quiet.

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Saab 9-x Air Concept. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Fiction Saab. A look into the future.

Finally. Impatient I stand at the window, look at the driveway and wait for the things that come. In my right hand is the key of my 9-3 Hirsch Convertible. In the background my daughter - she tries to communicate with me, what

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Ursaab at the Saab Museum. Picture: JFK

IDA is looking for PAUL

The stock of SAAB cars and some numbers of our beloved spare parts division are not only cause for joy. SAAB driving is becoming more and more of a hobby, as the cars are getting older and no new cars are in sight.

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Saab factory in October 2016

About the future of the blog project

The year 2016 is drawing to a close. 7 more weeks, then it's history. It was an annus horribilis for the Saab brand - a terrible year. That Saab would come back on the market was our hope for many years.

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Saab - Scania logo. Saab 9000 1998. The best years of the brand?

Future Market Youngtimer

In the last few days there has been a lot of talk about the future ... networked and autonomous driving, electric cars, a mobility provider with a new brand from Trollhättan. The blog does the balancing act, because we have two future topics - one of them is called Saab.

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SAAB uses blue airbags, as I have now discovered. By the way, they sound quieter than I would have imagined. This picture is the last of the old SAAB before he has wandered into the press.

SAAB. Future.

A few months ago I published an article about my six years with SAAB. In the end, the question was whether this was in addition to the past he had with me, and the present in which I am satisfied with him

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No more Saabblog?

Blog donation: Did Saabblog.net like 2015?

36 hours without Saab blog ... 1 1/2 days without Saab reading material. A test. No Saab blog, that means no automobile morning reading, no reading fun after work. Was it fair of us to take the blog offline? It was a signal. Time for a serious one

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The electric Saab future

Is Saab on the right track? National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, owner of the traditional brand for two years in summer, relies on electromobility. The right idea at the right time or an incalculable risk?

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Saab on Vox and the future of the brand

Yesterday, our Saab post ran on Vox. A positive Saab story, which was a lot of fun for everyone involved. But there is more to tell about the Saab future and what Mikael Östlund had to say.

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