NEVS Sango project

Four questions for NEVS CEO Stefan Tilk

The media visibility of NEVS has been limited in recent months. It is difficult for outsiders to assess where the path under Evergrande will lead. The four questions that FKG, the Association of Swedish Auto Suppliers, asked Tilk provide an insight.

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The Koenigsegg Gemera on the track. Picture gallery!

The new Gemera is the first super sports car from Koenigsegg that offers space for more than 2 people. Exciting high-tech from Sweden that is exclusive and has its price. Upon his return to Ängelholm, the Gemera was supposed to be in Geneva too

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Koenigsegg Gemera inspired by the Saab Aero X?

Shortly after the presentation of the Gemera, first comments saw a possible inspiration from the Saab Aero X on social media. Is that true? Almost traditionally, Koenigsegg is said to have a certain proximity to Saab. First they negotiated with GM to

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The new Koenigsegg Gemera. Image: Koenigsegg

The new Koenigsegg Gemera - made in Trollhättan?

This year's Geneva Motor Show was eagerly awaited. Koenigsegg, the Swedish rumored chefs said, would introduce the car that they wanted to build in the former Saab plant. The entry-level model of the brand known for high-priced super sports cars. The pre-spread data

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