AiroX by Gray Design

Virtual Saab daydreams and the second chance for Opel

There are brands that stay alive forever. Because they are longing brands and because you can feel the desire for a comeback - a new chance for something that has been lost. Saab, the charismatic, small manufacturer from Trollhättan is right at the top

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Saab design. SAAB 9-3 MK III from Gray Design

The brand must have a great appeal. Because how else can it be explained that people deal with the subject of Saab. For example, there are 3 seasoned, professionally successful men who put on Saab jackets and the auto salon in

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Saab Sixten Concept by Gray Design

Saab is a rough diamond. Even in the current situation, the Swedish carmaker is worth hundreds of millions of euros to investors. Because Saab is Sweden, Scandinavian design, Turbo and Saab is just a cult. What would be possible for a small, sporty Saab,

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