Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

Market check. Saab 9-3 convertible from MY 2004.

It was 5 years ago during the IntSaab in Spa. With friends, I sat in one of those typical street cafes. We enjoyed the scenery and the many Saabs that drove through the city. The conversation came on a Saab 9-3 convertible.

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Fancy Saab? Saab - Scania logo

Fancy Saab. New blog supporters from Austria.

There is good news for our blog project and its future! With the car dealership Himberg we have for the first time a blog supporters from Austria on board. The story behind Mario Milincic and his team is unusual and typical of Saab.

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On road. Visiting Saab Zentrum Bonn.

Blogger life can be difficult. A few days ago I started in the direction of Bonn to visit the local Saab center. In front of me were just 200 kilometers, for which I planned, with a short breakfast break, two and a half hours. That my schedule would not work, I noticed after a few kilometers. At Hanau, the first traffic jam I can drive around, then traffic jams number two and three come in short order.

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SAAB talc. Where the Saab beats heart.

Saab partners do not have it easy. The last years have been turbulent and I take my hat off to any partner who has brought his company through the hard times. Every dealer has his or her own approach to master the current situation. Some Saab partners actively trade with used Saabs and do good business. They travel long distances, buy interesting vehicles from all over Europe or import Saabs from the USA. The customers thank it. For example, there is the Saab Center in Mainz, which was able to sell some vehicles through the blog last year.

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Update. Dealer list Saab Spring Weeks online.

It is something of an inventory of the current Saab situation in Germany. The German Saab Parts subsidiary in Eschborn has posted an up-to-date list of all retailers participating in the spring campaign. A good idea, because previous actions were sometimes frustrated because of lack of transparency.

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SAAB News: NEVS launches dialogue with Saab dealers

SAAB News: NEVS launches dialogue with Saab dealers. From Trollhättan come more, good news! Saab owner National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB has started the dialogue with selected European dealers. The letter from Sweden which we have received has been sent to various regions for several days.

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