Mercedes EQS as a benchmark?

Hengchi 3 - Hyperscreen and enormous range

More and more details about the Hengchi electric cars leak to the media. Evergrande Auto's Hengchi 3 is an all-electric luxury-class SUV. There are no current pictures of him and no clearly assignable prototypes. It would be possible that the

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10 Hengchi SUVs in the winter test

Evergrande Auto's Hengchi SUV on winter test drive

It's going to be exciting, the Evergrande Auto market launch is getting closer. While Hengchi 1, an all-electric luxury sedan, is already known, the rest remains mysterious. For the first time, an SUV has now been spotted. Actually not just one, because in the Evergrande style

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Hengchi 1

Big Bang! Evergrande Auto presents Hengchi 1 through 6

You may have to get used to this procedure. Evergrande Auto presented 6 prototypes simultaneously in Shanghai and Guangzhou yesterday. Not offset in homeopathic doses to maintain interest. Just as you are used to from the auto industry. Rather

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