Welcome to Aix-les-Bains.

Day 2 Histo Monte 2017. Saab drives forward.

Stage number 3 and 4 took the teams from Friborg through Switzerland and France on the day before. Over the Jura Massif Central, the route went on snowy mountain roads to the day's destination to Aix-Les-Bains. A test for the participants, the one

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The goal of the day: Freiburg im Breisgau.

Saab on the Histo Monte 2017. Day 1.

Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer promised us a brief summary of the events for each day. And they keep their promise, even though a rally day is naturally very exhausting. Yesterday, the first two stages led to Freiburg im Breisgau.

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Technical acceptance in the classic city

Histo Monte 2017. Technical acceptance in the classic city.

The Wagenheimer team reached Frankfurt yesterday - coming from Munich - after a 5-hour drive without incident. Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer were welcomed by Orio Germany managing director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher for the technical acceptance on the grounds of the Klassik-Stadt. Orio, our supplier

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The Saab 99 of Team Wagenheimer ...

Saab 99 Team Wagenheimer. On the way to Frankfurt.

The Saab 99 of Team Wagenheimer is on its way from Munich to Frankfurt. The technical inspection takes place there today before the rally will start on Wednesday in southern France. The track has it all, and the event is

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... on Wednesday in Frankfurt.

Histo Monte 2017. The last preparations.

While I was able to deal with a typical “men's flu” in the last few days, the Wagenheimer team was much more productive with their Saab 99. The clock is running, because this Wednesday the starting signal for the rally will be on in the classic city of Frankfurt

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Ready for Histo Monte 2017, Saab 99 from Team Wagenheimer.

Saab teams on the AvD Histo Monte 2017

The blog team kept their fingers crossed ... and it helped! Also this year Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer are on the road with their Saab 99 on the Histo Monte. It premiered at the AvD rally, which takes place on historical paths

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