Finally arrived, back to Saab and the convertible

Saab, Saab or Saab. The way back - the finale.

One day, when I almost had a major engine failure myself, and the hoses to my own engine were being repaired in the operating room, I literally took heart, now or never. Immediately after my release, I searched the car sales platforms.

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Holden Commodore - a big name. But only an Opel Insignia. Picture: Holden

164 years of tradition - GM buries Holden

A big brand, a long tradition. Holden was founded in southern Australia in 1856 as a manufacturer of horse saddles. Automobiles had been built since 1908. The Americans joined in 1931 and the company had been part of GM for 89 years. The final end

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A Saab engine in the Holden Commodore. Photo Credit: Neil Pogson

The Holden-Saab story

When I bought my first Saab, a classic 1992 S Sport, in 900, the new 9000 CS was already rolling into the showrooms. With Trionic engines, unique, and probably the most advanced thing you could have for money back then.

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