Hengchi 1 with ultra-vision glass dome and displays for the rear passengers

Traditional luxury - the interior of Hengchi 1

Evergrande Auto wants to get the auto industry moving with the Hengchi brand. Expectations are high, but there is no revolution. But not the surprise. In the interior, Hengchi 1 is traditional and pampered with luxury reminiscent of the heyday

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NEVS 9-3 Sedan Concept CES ASIA 2017. Photo Credit: NEVS

NEVS 9-3 EV 2018 (Video)

Production of the NEVS 9-3 EV is scheduled to start in Tianjin at the end of the year. Finally - after the appointment was pushed back again and again! Chinese bloggers posted a video on YouTube to get in the mood for the first electric car from NEVS

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Saab 9-5 Individual & Brakes special offer

Small saabige notes after work: For the interior of the Saab 9-5 NG offers our Kiel Saab base more customization options.

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SAAB 9-5 II. Interiors Kit Meshed Metallic.

It just looks better, feels better. The interior of a Saab 9-5 II, upgraded with an interior kit in “meshed metallic” from the 2012 model year, is classier. The Saab is more upper class, the interior is where it should have been from the start. The great Swede is just more fun.

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Saab 9-3 Griffin: interior design

With the new Saab 9-3 Griffin Edition, the interior design is available in a revised version. Instrument panel, control gate, doors and glove box are for the first time provided with decorative elements in titanium look. In the Aero versions, a graphite fiber optic is used here. As special equipment for all design lines

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