Previously Saab 900. He also had an interior air filter. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive

An 40 anniversary, a man, a car.

1978 was a long time ago. 40 years, to be exact. But at that time, Saab made a name for itself with a little innovation that is common knowledge today. If you're wondering how you could survive so long as a small manufacturer,

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Technical acceptance in the classic city

Histo Monte 2017. Technical acceptance in the classic city.

Without incident the team Wagenheimer reached after 5 hours driving time yesterday - coming from Munich - Frankfurt. Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer were welcomed by Orio Germany Managing Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher for the technical inspection on the grounds of the Classic City. Orio, our supplier

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Divorce cases - take responsibility.

Divorces are difficult affairs. Responsibilities need to be redefined, life in a patchwork family poses new challenges to everyone involved. After the divorce of Saab Automobile AB and Saab Automobile Parts AB, we had Saab drivers overnight two

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Economy. The Saab future is decided now. (2 / 2)

The design of the interior and the materials used are from a past century. This will not change the used parts from Germany. So you can summarize the opinion of the British power press on the MG6. After many years of unsuccessful investment in the brand, SAIC-MG is now seeking the challenge. The MG6 will be available in Germany later this year. A challenge ! But Germany is the measure of all things in the automotive sector. A key market that could also decide the future for Saab 2.0!

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SAAB Festival. Impressions.

A Saab Festival in Trollhättan is always a special event. The small town on the Göta Älv has its own flair, and when Saabs from all countries are guests, then it unfolds a lot of charm. At the traffic lights are beefed up Saab two-stroke next to bubbling 900 Turbo 16S. Then, when the ride is clear, they storm off under a loud, excited shriek and show the turbo what a classic car can. The Saab heart is happy and thinks of the good old days.

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SAAB press. SAAB Parts Germany in auto service practice.

The April issue of “Autoservicepraxis” reports on developments at Saab and Daihatsu. Under the not very fortunate heading "estate administrator" it is about the Swedes who want to start production again this year and the Japanese,

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Blog internal: Saab Parts AB sponsors Saab Charity Project!

The answer came without hesitation! When I talked to Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of Swedish Distribution Services Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Saab Parts AB, about our Saab Charity project a while ago, his spontaneous commitment came. As of today, the Eschborn branch is on board as a new sponsor.

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SAAB Interview: Interview with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher

He came to Saab when the biggest crisis in the history of the traditional Swedish brand began. He experienced the black days in December 2011, and he led after the hour zero the successful reconstruction of the spare parts business in Germany and since the middle of last year also in Austria.

I meet Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher, Managing Director of Swedish Distribution Services Germany GmbH, as the German subsidiary of Saab Parts AB is called, in an office tower in Eschborn. There the company has rented two small but functional offices.

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