Jesko Absolut in front of a historic hangar. Note the clad rear wheels

The new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut. Picture gallery!

Koenigsegg has around 300 employees today. With the Gemera, you venture into new dimensions in terms of quantities. For him, the plant will be expanded and components will be assembled in Trollhättan. The Jesko traditionally remains. His sharpest version,

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A rocket for the street

The Jesko Absolut. Fastest Köenigsegg ever.

In addition to the much acclaimed Gemera, Koenigsegg also presents the new Jesko Absolut. An evolution of the Jesko, presented in Geneva in 2019. In every respect the most extreme super sports car from Ängelholm. The manufacturer even speaks of the fastest Koenigsegg ever.

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