Makes the Golf class interesting - new DS 4

Big car brands - the return of the dream factory?

If the pandemic did not determine our everyday life, the birth of Stellantis would not have happened so silently. The merger of PSA and FCA Group brings a new automotive giant that has many big, old car brands in its portfolio.

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Saab 9000 model in the design studio in Trollhättan

The challenge of the Saab 9000 - a long Saab film

In the spring of 1974, work began on the 9000 in Trollhättan. A completely new car and the way to a higher class. Behind the project was nothing less than the future positioning of the brand. Exciting, groundbreaking, and by no means easy.

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Secret! The rally department pushes a Saab 99 EMS out of the hall!

A monument to rally sport - Master of the Wheel Part 2

In 1991 Saab turned the sequel to Master of the wheel. It had been two years since the first film, but the story remained incomplete. Finishing them up was a good decision. Even in retrospect. Because the second part

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Erik Carlsson and Saab at the Monte Carlo Rally

A Saab rally showroom video

In the 90s, Saab Germany published several videos for the showroom. One of them resurrects Saab's rally time. Erik Carlsson flies through Swedish forests in his Saab. He takes victory during the Monte Carlo Rally.

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The Saab 9-3 3 gang from Hans. Photo: Hans

93er 3er gang

My many comments on the blog can be deduced that I like the Saab 9-3 very special. And there again the first series, so year of construction 1998 - 2002.

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2 x Saab, ready for the Histo Monte.

Histo Monte 2017. Classic City Gleanings.

Our readers were very close to the AvD Histo Monte. The Saab 99 team with Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer reported daily from the track and delivered current pictures. Place 31 after 1.730 exciting kilometers was a very respectable result.

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Saab Viggen

Actually not so wrong to come to Saab via Citroen, Lancia and Volvo!

In the 60iger years we drove in our family only Citroen, first 2CV, then Ami 6 and as "summit" beginning 70iger a GS. The trips in the Ami 6 to Italy and England are unforgotten! Saab or Lancia were

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The Italian moments in life ...

A Gamma Coupe, a Flavia, Fulvia, Appia limousine. Be honest - when was the last time we saw any of these cars on the road? A long time ago, and yet the Italian moments in life lurk where we don't suspect.

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