Tradition: Saab 21, Saab 92 and 9-5.

Storm clouds over Linköping

In the middle of the Swedish summer hole, thunderclouds gather over Linköping. And Justus feeds his Saab video channel with new material. He restores a classic 900, which should be finished by the fall. Has he not planned too much? In addition: Sweden flag show. We

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Kisa Bimuseum

Kisa Bilmuseum

Many readers are planning their annual holidays during these weeks, and not so rare is the destination Sweden. A travel tip is the Kisa Bilmuseum near Linköping. It's one of those small, charming museums, beyond the mainstream marketing of the manufacturers.

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SAAB News: Erik Carlsson visits the Air Force Museum

SAAB News: Erik Carlsson visits the Air Force Museum. In Belgium, at the international Saab meeting, people often asked about the Saab rally legend. “Where's Eric…” was the most frequently asked question in Spa. Because usually he doesn't miss a big Saab event. His heart is still beating “Saab”.

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