Saab is testing ABS on the Teves site

Saab tests - what can the ABS system really do?

Munich, towards the end of the 90s. I was on the road with a friend to test what an ABS system can really do. Our test car was its brand new Mercedes 190 E. Test site the cobblestone route past the Maximilianeum towards the Praterinsel.

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Saab 900i 16v against Mercedes 190E

Star or griffin? Mercedes 190 E or Saab 900i 16v?

Star chariot or griffin is the subject of today's comparative test. In 1989 the well-kept model 190 rolled off the production lines at Daimler. Visibly matured - a competitor who had to be taken seriously under all circumstances. Saab took the little Benz very carefully

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