Paul on the road and Paul makes a bitch

A few days ago we planned a trip to really good SAAB friends to Kamenz. We wanted to see each other shortly before the holiday and tell a little ... Only which car should we take?

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Bright sunshine, temperatures over 25 degrees and chic convertibles as far as the eye can see. The sixth convertible rally in Saxony started on the weekend before last. The meeting point for the 6 convertibles - including 129 saws - was the hygiene museum

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This weekend we're driving the convertible again. Because Dresden is probably the most beautiful rally in Germany. The 6th Cabrio Rallye Saxony organized by the Mobilforum Group.

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SAAB News: New Saab in the Community

A blog is a blog. But a blog is also more. Again and again emails come with requests to Saabs from previous ownership. I then try to answer questions, and if I do not know, then I ask someone who has more idea. This is buying advice via blog, and always find so used Sweden new owners.

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Yes you have read correctly. It is time to say goodbye. After nearly 7 years and plenty of 320.000 kilometers I will sell my beloved 9-3 sports suit tomorrow.

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SAAB News: Saab Events Frankfurt - Bebra - Saxony

The international Saab meeting in Belgium is behind us. Regionally it continues with Saab events and the team drives on the 4th convertible rally in Saxony. But first see what is going on in Hessen.

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SAAB Sonett II: Saab's first production sports car

At this year's special show for the 60th birthday of the Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK) during the AMI in Leipzig, a Saab Sonett from the second series represents the brand from Trollhättan. Time to give us the first production sports car

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Project Saab new car purchase!

It all started relatively unspectacularly in January 2011. My wife's 9-3 sedan was three years old and should actually be replaced by a new variant. After careful consideration, we came to the decision

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Mahindra and Youngman in Sweden and another Saab

The mystery of the unknown delegation seems to have been solved. A Swedish friend said it was the Mahindra & Mahindra delegation who had been in Sweden since last week. Mahindra is one of the secret favorites in the bidding race,

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Driving Report Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 Sportkombi

Honestly folks. Which car brand lets a “consumer” take a test drive on German roads with a pre-production model? Not an ordinary one? But slowly and from the beginning.

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Rearview mirror: Saab location Sweden and a Germany premiere

My Saab day was a little longer than expected yesterday and after I returned to my desk, I first had to work on something from my "real life". After the tour ended, I was still a few on Thursday

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Saab dealer tour 2011 photo competition - caught in Dresden

Our Saab team "Eins" got it on the IKEA site in Dresden. Alex, whom we had already met in the Saab center in Chemnitz and who rocked with us later that evening at the mobile forum in Dresden

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Saab dealer tour 2011: Mobile Forum Dresden live!

The exhibition space at the Mobilforum Dresden is filling up and the hottest event in Saxony is taking place here tonight. The exclusive advance premiere of the new Saab 9-5 sports suit and Saab 9-4x is live for Saab fans today

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Saab Dealer Tour 2011: Now in Dresden and Wuppertal!

The success story of the Saab Dealer Tour 2011 continues. Because we have picked up speed and I can hardly keep up with blogging. In Dresden at the Mobilforum and at the Saab Center Wuppertal rises tonight

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