Evergrande brings 15 models to 5 years. Enough work for Trollhättan. Photo Credit: NEVS

15 new models in the next 5 years of Evergrande

Evergrande and NEVS rely on proven service providers when it comes to the development of the future model range. In the next 5 years, 15 will be launching new vehicles. Starting with luxury sports cars via autonomous pods to the middle class. The former

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Ex Saab factory, today NEVS-Evergrande in Trollhättan. Picture: NEVS

NEVS-Evergrande is looking for 8000 developers worldwide

NEVS main shareholder Evergrande is making headlines in China. To pursue its ambitious goals, the company is looking for developers worldwide on a large scale. 8.000 new jobs are to be created in 9 countries. Besides China, the location is called Sweden. And the old Europe

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Chassis Architecture 2.0 from Benteler. Photo: Benteler

NEVS-Evergrande buys chassis architecture from FEV-Benteler

Evergrande Neoenergy has acquired the chassis architecture 3.0 from Benteler International and the FEV Group. The purchase of German technology announced the subsidiary of the Evergrande Group yesterday. This gives the company access to what is probably the most advanced architecture

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NEVS 9-3 production in Tianjin. Photo Credit: NEVS

Israel's first export market for the NEVS 9-3 EV?

European tourists visiting Haifa or Tel Aviv may experience an automobile déjà vu next year. Perhaps the NEVS 9-3 EV will cross their path as a reincarnation of the Saab 9-3 sedan. Israel has the import of up to March

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Koenigesegg Jesko in Hong Kong. Photo: Koenigsegg / Oskar Bakke

Koenigsegg commits Selipanov and opens Design Studio

Koenigsegg has experienced a rapid development in recent years. With the entry of NEVS, the company is prepared for further expansion. Due to the commitment of the former Bugatti designer Sasha Selipanov, the manufacturer from Ängelholm now rises in each

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Old times. Saab Aero X in the model workshop

Trollhättan. NEVS as an anti-cyclical job engine

Sweden is still in vacation mode. But the long summer break is coming to an end, and so it should be interesting in the Stallbacka. Prior to 7 years, NEVS moved into the Saab plant, since then the development was mixed at best. The

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Hofer Powertrain - German technology for NEVS

Almost exactly 7 years ago, NEVS took over Saab real estate in Stallbacka. Without a doubt, it was 7 tough years - with few highs, but lows. A difficult time for the young company, for Trollhättan and the

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Protean / NEVS pod. Photo: Protean

Urban mobility pods to be driven by 360-degree steering technology

In June, Swedish EV manufacturer NEVS acquired the British in-wheel engine technology company Protean Electric. Now, Protean brings the first major news after the acquisition:

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The Sion, as he should go into production. Photo Credit: Sono Motors

Back to the future on the way to Sono Motors

A Tuesday morning in July. The traffic on the A9 in the direction of Munich is getting slower. I'm on my way to Sono Motors. The electric car startup has moved into its new headquarters in the north of the state capital, and I'm really excited to see what

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NEVS InMotion Concept. Photo Credit: NEVS

Robot taxi from Trollhättan for Europe

2020 will be an exciting year for the Trollhättan location. Koenigsegg wants to produce a hybrid sports car in the factory, Sono Motors the Sion - and NEVS a robot taxi for Europe from the end of 2020. NEVS is concerned with nothing less than that

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Unmistakable with Saab Genen, the NEVS electric car. Photo Credit: finet.hk

NEVS 9-3 Production start in Tianjin

The source situation is poor, the information comes for the moment only from a Chinese medium. If it is true, what finte.hk publishes, then yesterday the production start of the NEVS 9-3 EV took place in Tianjin. A historic day for NEVS.

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NIO ES8. Picture: GAC

Electromobility. The future is in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou, the metropolis on the Pearl River Delta with 14 million inhabitants, is also known as the factory of the world! A name that you have to remember - because it will play a major role in the future of mobility. NEVS main shareholder

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Nidec in-wheel engine. Photo: Nidec

Wheel hub motor as turbo of the future

When the Saab fans look north, they have mostly been sad or worried in recent years. Since NEVS has been in charge at Göta Älv, they have been waiting in vain for the innovations for which Saab was once known.

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Koenigsegg Jesko 2019 in Geneva. Picture: Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg starter model from 2020 from Trollhättan

Since NEVS took over an 20% share of Koenigsegg AB, the tension is increasing. A new entry-level model of the Swedish manufactory will be produced from 2020 in the former Saab factory. Smaller, more electrified and cheaper than the well-known sports cars from Ängelholm. In which

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From 2020, the Sion in Trollhättan should run off the line. Picture: Sion Motors

Production from autumn 2020 in Trollhättan

An exciting press release comes from Sweden. From fall 2020 NEVS wants to produce vehicles for the Munich electric car startup Sono Motors. For Trollhättan, that would mean a few hundred new jobs and, in advance, major investments in the old Saab factory.

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