Saab 900c Sedan 1989

A new Finnish car - Saab 900c Sedan

It was in the late 90s. I was visiting Finland and one of my business friends had bought a new Saab 900 Sedan. A turbo equipped with an impressive flood of antennas for telephones and mobile communications. In a convoy

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New Saab 9-7x in the Saab showroom

A cool V8 against the zeitgeist - a new Saab 9-7x!

The ultimate antidote to the zeitgeist? A real American V8! Exotically delicious garnished and dressed in Swedish clothes. A combination that was only available from Saab. The Saab 9-7x was originally supposed to be an Oldsmobile Bravada and shared its genes

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Fantastically beautiful Saab 96 V4 De Luxe Monte Carlo. Image: Bilweb Auctions

Collectors time. Saab classic auction.

A Saab 96 with only 48 kilometers on the clock? A fantastically beautiful Saab 96 V4 Monte Carlo with less than 7.000 kilometers on the counter? Or an early Saab 99 with just 17.000 kilometers of mileage. Saab collectors should now

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Saab 9000 Anna Project

Saab 9000 Anna Project. Everything will be fine.

If there is general advice on how to deal with youngtimers and classics, then this: never give up! Anna came to us as a nursing case in April 2013. Then stood in the hangar for almost 2 years until we got the

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SAAB NEWS TV - delivery of new cars

Yesterday, the first Saab 9-3 Aero sedans in Trollhättan were handed over to the proud customers. An important day for the brand and an important day for the investors of NEVS.

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First Saab 9-3 new car in customer's hands

NEVS has written a new chapter in Saab history. The first vehicles are in the hands of the customer and were handed over to the former Saab design center, which is now used as a customer center for delivery.

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SAAB new car delivery begins

The 29. April will be at least a historic note in the Saab saga. Because starting tomorrow, Saab new cars will go into the hands of customers for the first time in a long time. Only in Sweden, shortly afterwards in the Netherlands.

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SAAB financing offer for the 9-3 Aero.

For the past two days, a finance and leasing offer has been available in Sweden for the Saab 9-3 Aero. NEVS cooperates with DNB Bank. What is remarkable, because the DNB is not a bank with a Chinese background, but it is one of the

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Survey. Would we buy this car? - Result.

Our reader survey was a first test. A week ago we asked how the new version of the Saab 9-3 was received in the community. And would we buy this car - if we could order it. The result, quite frankly, was astonishing

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