SAAB News. The Swedes and the taxpayers.

Last night, a feature on Saab Parts AB went on air in Sweden. The Swedish state, so the fear, could suffer through the acquisition of the Saab spare parts subsidiary from Nyköping a billion loss, reports the TV report. The background of the guesses is this:

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SAAB News: Riksgälden handicapped parts sales

It is not really news that comes to us from Sweden. But to keep the flood of information alive ... Radio P4 Väst takes up today the Saab topic and writes about the failed sale of Saab Parts AB to an investor. The Vänersborg court documents contain details that can be summarized as follows.

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Behind the Saab scenes in Trollhättan, Nyköping, Frankfurt

Hmm, the week was pretty quiet and apart from the wonderful rescue of the Saab Museum there was no "breaking news".

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