The day of my second birthday, April 2017

My life so far with three 96 oldies

Shortly before the closing date, I would like to describe a few rather unusual stories that have happened to me during the last 37 years with my previous three Saab 96.

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Fantastically beautiful Saab 96 V4 De Luxe Monte Carlo. Image: Bilweb Auctions

Collectors time. Saab classic auction.

A Saab 96 with only 48 kilometers on the clock? A fantastically beautiful Saab 96 V4 Monte Carlo with less than 7.000 kilometers on the counter? Or an early Saab 99 with just 17.000 kilometers of mileage. Saab collectors should now

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2. Hamburger Saab meeting. Photo Credit: Oli

2. Hamburger Saab meeting. A review.

Unfortunately I was able to 2. May not be in Hamburg as planned. The decision between the Saab reopening in Bamberg and the 2. Hamburg Saab meeting was canceled against the event in the north.

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