Porsche and Saab 96 at the Espresso Rally. Image: Robert Wagenheimer

A billion dollar deal is stopped

An overview of the current Saab news in brief. Saab Team Wagenheimer continues rallying and expanding. And also the Orio Germany boss reaches into the steering wheel. Skandix completes the offer with more classic parts, and a billion dollar deal is stopped.

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Saab & snow. Here drives a Saab 9-3 prototype. Image: Saab Automobile AB / Archive saabblog.net

Photo contest. Saab & snow.

The winter has now arrived in the lowlands and ensures equal opportunities. While the mountainous regions have had a lot of snow so far, the plain was almost empty. That's changed, and it's time to start our photo contest Saab &

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Saab 9-3 highlights

Saab 9-3 highlights. Original Saab.

Rarely has an action of Orio Germany been expected as the "Saab 9-3 highlights". We had previously reported on the LED daytime running light retrofit kit. The initiative from Eschborn was welcomed by the readers and discussed controversially.

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Saab loyalty book

Saab loyalty book action of Orio Germany

For some actions of Orio Germany, the supplier of Saab original spare parts, the blog crew is closely involved. We are invited to participate in Saab Inside, which has so far appeared 2 once a year, and we receive information during the spring and autumn campaigns

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Saab 9-3 Griffin Design

Fancy Saab. Saab 9-3 Griffin Black Edition.

When Saab 2011 announced the 9-3 Griffin series, it was far more than just another revision of the series. New engines, a refined interior, and a streamlined exterior design helped make the 9-3 even more attractive.

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