A rare member of its genus. 900 Turbo Sedan. Image: Saab friends Osnabrück

Osna Oldies - Osnabrück

The season 2019 starts in Osnabrück! From the 2. to 3. March have opened the Osna Oldies 2019. With around 85 exhibitors, including many clubs, and an extensive supporting program, the fair has a supraregional significance.

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The original Saab. Beginning of the small, indomitable brand from Trollhättan

Saab in Stuttgart, Osnabrück and Essen

When brands stop the new car sales, it is not far to complete disappearance. Or when was the last time a Rover, MG or Daihatsu crossed my path? The Japanese hired 2013 for the new car sales, Rover left the

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Saab in February

SAAB dates February 2017

In February, our brand shows presence at the Osna Oldies in Osnabrück. The vintage car fair with parts market already takes place in the 4. Edition, and Saab is there. A reason to keep the last weekend in February free.

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