Per Gillbrands racing boat. Photo: Bilweb

Per Gillbrands racing boat will be auctioned!

Whoever drove to work on a nice summer day with a classic Saab 900 or 9000, might have a smile on their faces at the end of the ride. That could also be due to the legendary turbo engines. They are really fun and everyone

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Saab Turbo X

Saab - Anything but boring

Bengt Gadefeld and Per Gillbrand. What did they have in mind when they tamed the turbo? The engine developers in Södertälje have been working on turbocharging since the beginning of the 70s - more or less under the radar of management, like that

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Saab press. Autobild classic about Per Gillbrand Mr. Turbo.

He left Saab because he couldn't get used to the GM mentality. And he worked for Volvo for many years. For the fans he is still known as “Mr. Turbo ”is the face behind the engine development of our small cult brand

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