National Electric Vehicle Sweden

NEVS Phoenix 3.x-based EV's ready in 2018

NEVS in Trollhättan received a delegation this weekend from their largest customer to date: Panda New Energy. Its owner and chairman Chao Ma visited the SAAB Museum and took part in several meetings at the Stallbacka factory. The company confirmed

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Saab ePower Concept

Saabig… 43/15 Electric people's cars

Almost 900 entries in Google News in the Turkish press. There are hardly any reactions in Sweden, and with some delay the news fires in Germany. A Turkish folk car, also electric, comes on Saab 9-3 base.

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Greetings from the Phoenix

Trollhättan, December 2nd, 2013. I think almost every blog reader will remember this date. What was then or what could have been is somehow the background of this article.

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Phoenix platform - resolution

There was a lot going on on the blog at the weekend! Our traffic was unusually high for a Saturday and Sunday. This was due to the Saab picture puzzle, which was about the Phoenix platform.

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Phoenix platform

Our Saab picture puzzle reaches a new evolutionary stage. Previously you had to guess pictures, this time you have to find them. It's about the Saab Phoenix platform. The story begins with a story beyond Saab.

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Economy. Qoros with Saab technology.

Somehow the blog is becoming more and more of a "what-if blog". I don't like it at all, it was never what we wanted. Mark and I are now working on our Plan B. It may sound familiar to one or the other reader, because Plan B is typical for Saab. Today we're back to the “what if”. There was Saab and e-AAM Driveline Systems.

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