Saab and Mahindra - the nightmare that never became real

Nightmares reflect unprocessed events and can come back again and again. Saab affine people know the Christmas nightmare. It haunted Trollhättan in 2009 and 2011. First, when GM wanted to liquidate the brand. Then two years later, when Saab turned himself towards Valhalla

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An opera house? No, the Polestar production center in Chengdu. Picture: Polestar

Pininfarina designs NEVS for Evergrande

Only a few weeks after the visit of Evergande CEO Xu Jiayin to Italy, the scope of the cooperation with Pininfarina is beginning to become clear. The traditional Italian company is not just another partner for the development of Evergrande and the new car brand

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Pininfarina design for Evergande and NEVS. Photo Credit: Pininfarina

Evergrande expansion with Pininfarina design

Even if it seems superficially calm - Evergrande is expanding at full speed. The only strange thing is that the European media have so far hardly noticed it. Which may be because it will be some time before the first

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Mahindra. NEVS. Qoros

What does it cost to build a car brand? We're taking a short break from our 9000i project and delivering economic news that might have something to do with Saab.

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Saab Pictures & Blog Supporters & Mahindra

On Friday the news comes from the section “Miscellaneous”. It's about the inaccurate Mahindra Pininfarina rumors and blog supporters. First a look at Trollhättan! Saab fans from Hamburg were in Saab city a few days ago and brought

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Obituary. Volvo plant Uddevalla.

Times change, things disappear. What lies in the nature of things, because only when the old goes, something new can arise. In Sweden, a piece of automotive culture is gradually leaving. The former Saab transmission plant in Gothenburg will for the most part fall victim to the wrecking ball, while at Volvo it is the assembly plant in Uddevalla.

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