An opera house? No, the Polestar production center in Chengdu. Picture: Polestar

Pininfarina designs NEVS for Evergrande

Only a few weeks after the visit of Evergande CEO Xu Jiayin to Italy, the scope of the cooperation with Pininfarina is beginning to become clear. The traditional Italian company is not just another partner for the development of Evergrande and the new car brand

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Obituary. Volvo plant Uddevalla.

Times change, things disappear. What lies in the nature of things, because only when the old goes, something new can arise. In Sweden, a piece of automotive culture is gradually leaving. The former Saab transmission plant in Gothenburg will for the most part fall victim to the wrecking ball, while at Volvo it is the assembly plant in Uddevalla.

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SAAB books: Saab 900 - a Swedish story

Before 20 years, Anders Tunberg's Saab 900 book appeared, and two decades may be a long time. In these years, the car industry has changed dramatically, and some car brands have now disappeared. Saab was in transition. GM had moved into Trollhättan with 50%, and in the stablebacka ruled with Keith Butler Wheelhouse, the first manager from the US group.

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