Hofer Powertrain - German technology for NEVS

Almost exactly 7 years ago, NEVS took over Saab real estate in Stallbacka. Without a doubt, it was 7 tough years - with few highs, but lows. A difficult time for the young company, for Trollhättan and the

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Rear-view mirror: About the challenge of a new beginning

Crises and breaks are opportunities at the same time. You just have to recognize them in time. Applied to Saab, it is the chance of a new start, free from old burdens and obligations. With a history and an origin in the back, which - if used correctly - could become an overboost.

Saab is from Sweden. A nation that is considered peaceful and tolerant. The transfigured is through the literature and through films of our youth

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SAAB News: Dongfeng buys T Engineering

One of China's largest automakers, Dongfeng, buys 70% of Saab spin-off T Engineering. This is currently reported by the TTELA in Trollhättan. The company is a startup consisting of former Saab Powertrain employees. The competence lies beside turbo technology and multi fuel

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