Auction or not - project car Paul - the final

When the Paul project began in February 2016, no one had any idea how long it would be with us. Paul, was an early Saab 9-5 sports suit in the upscale SE equipment that demanded attention. The condition was pitiful and the idea over

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Saab Sonnet V4 1968

Project or scrap? Saab Sonett II relic!

The cornerstones: a sports car, quite rare, traditional European brand. Clear facts that could make an automobile wreck appear desirable. If the relic of an early Porsche 911 were for sale instead of a Saab Sonett II, things would be cleared up quickly. But one

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The future - how the blog project could go on

Since there will be no fundraising campaign on the blog this year, the question arises as to how the SaabBlog project will continue. On my first post, I received a lot of emails from readers who were concerned

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Saab project 102 in August 1989. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab 900 II saga. Project 102.

Money is tight with Saab's automotive division. In the late 80s the coffers are empty and investments are being postponed. You have to get by with what you have and, if in doubt, redesign it. For engines and gearboxes, for example.

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VW training center. But who cares VW, if you can drive a Saab?

Paul. The increase in performance and the thrill

When you switch from 9-3 II to 9-5, it's the ascent to a different vehicle class. It is September, the exit of the Saab friends Saxony has just come to an end. I had the 9-3 II with me to Saxony

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Pause must be ... Image: Saab Automobile / Archive

A break must be ...

During the last 7 years, recurring blog breaks have been established annually. Once in the summer and then at Christmas I allow myself a short period to regenerate. These time-outs have to be, if you keep a certain amount of creativity

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Paul in the sunflower field.

Paul on the road and Paul makes a bitch

A few days ago we planned a trip to really good SAAB friends to Kamenz. We wanted to see each other shortly before the holiday and tell a little ... Only which car should we take?

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Saab factory in October 2016

About the future of the blog project

The year 2016 is drawing to a close. 7 more weeks, then it's history. It was an annus horribilis for the Saab brand - a terrible year. That Saab would come back on the market was our hope for many years.

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