Evergrande production in the Nansha factory

Evergrande Auto builds auto parts factory in Shanghai

Since Evergrande Auto is the owner of NEVS and thus the old Saab factory, the news from China is of interest. These are contradicting itself. Evergrande Auto publishes prices for vehicles that don't even exist yet and builds factories to manufacture them

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Protean / NEVS pod. Photo: Protean

Urban mobility pods to be driven by 360-degree steering technology

In June, Swedish EV manufacturer NEVS acquired the British in-wheel engine technology company Protean Electric. Now, Protean brings the first major news after the acquisition:

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Nidec in-wheel engine. Photo: Nidec

Wheel hub motor as turbo of the future

When the Saab fans look north, they have mostly been sad or worried in recent years. Since NEVS has been in charge at Göta Älv, they have been waiting in vain for the innovations for which Saab was once known.

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