Saab center Bamberg, 900 Cabriolet.

Quarterly Report. Orio AB delivers black numbers.

A new CEO, a stronger focus on the core business. The consistent focus on their traditional strengths seems to bear fruit at Orio AB. For the 3. Quarter 2019, the company announces its return to the black, after

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Saab at the Retro Classics Cologne. Picture: Richerd Holtz

Yes, honestly, we are still here!

10 years after Saab last brought numbers to the people, the brand disappears from the public. Driving a Saab is more exotic than ever, but honestly, we're still there. Time for the short reports from the scene and the quarterly figures for Orio

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Orio holds his own in a difficult environment

Orio, our Saab Original Spare Parts supplier, is asserting itself in a difficult environment. The market situation is characterized by tough competition. In addition, sales of Saab spare parts are falling sharply. Unexpectedly, this does not happen, because the Saab stock is continuously shrinking.

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