Secret! The rally department pushes a Saab 99 EMS out of the hall!

A monument to rally sport - Master of the Wheel Part 2

In 1991 Saab turned the sequel to Master of the wheel. It had been two years since the first film, but the story remained incomplete. Finishing them up was a good decision. Even in retrospect. Because the second part

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Erik Carlsson and Saab at the Monte Carlo Rally

A Saab rally showroom video

In the 90s, Saab Germany published several videos for the showroom. One of them resurrects Saab's rally time. Erik Carlsson flies through Swedish forests in his Saab. He takes victory during the Monte Carlo Rally.

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HBK 2017. Image: Gerd & Robert Wagenheimer

Saab 99 Team Wagenheimer at the HBK

The Hamburg-Berlin Klassik (HBK) also took place this year with Saab participation. The rally went over 3 days. The Saab 99 by Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer is already an old acquaintance on the blog. In the winter he was up

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Now they drive the Hamburg - Berlin Klassik. Picture: Gerd and Robert Wagenheimer

Briefly noted. Saab drives rally. Saab is fun.

Regular readers on the blog are sure to remember the Histo Monte 2017. The Saab 99 by Robert and Gerd Wagenheimer was on historic paths. The team was quite successful, had fun, and provided regular reports.

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The mission was with a ... Image: J. Grobusch

News from Rally Saab R900

Nearly 4 years ago we met the Saab R900 in a garage in Upper Franconia. His owner was looking for a buyer. The condition of the Group A sports car was pathetic and our hope was that he would eventually

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Night, through ice and snow

Saab 99 on the Histo Monte

Saab is a rally brand, without question! The successes are legendary and historic Saab models still fly through Swedish birch forests at rally events. And we always fondly remember Erik Carlsson - who is immortal as “Carlsson på taket”

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Hamburg City Park Revival. Saab 96 Rally (Update).

Yesterday, the Saab 96 V4 was finished for Simo Lampinen. The countdown for the Hamburg City Park Revival is on, the pulse rate is going up. The Saab team of Nico Gasparatos is well in the race. Today the preparations continue. The Saab 96 in rallye outfit is now standing in the showroom with its new machine polished to a high gloss.

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Always sporty? Saab 9000 Rally Ad 1991

Always sporty? Saab 9000 Rallye Clip 1991.

A short video can say a lot about the self-image of a brand. Today's closing clip is only 30 seconds long, but it expresses a lot about the Saab philosophy in the 90 years. It was the time of Saab 9000 and Saab 900. Fast turbo vehicles that carried the fur inside and shaped the image of Saab in public.

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SAAB talc. The Saabenteurer and Saab-Ziehm.

Because today I change from the desk behind the wheel of my Saab Turbo X is time for a report on other Saab projects in Germany. Just over a year ago, friend Marco asked me if we wanted to be part of the Allgäu Orient Rally 2013. Adventure, adventure. I refused at that time thankfully. But six Saab fans from Munich are in this year.

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SAAB News: Meeting Frankfurt - season end Hamburg

At the end of the season, the NordiCar takes place in the surroundings of Hamburg. Saab fans are represented with their own booth and present a colorful cross section of classics of the cult brand from Trollhättan. From the Saab 96 2 clock over the V4, Saab

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Saab 96 at the Rally Monte Carlo Historique 2011

We know the man after all, we said in the summer of last year in Trollhättan. Of course, Peter Steinfurth, editor-in-chief of Oldtimer Markt, is known in the classic car scene as the proverbial “colorful dog”. The combination Steinfurth / Saab was new to us. Everything was clear

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