Mercedes EQS as a benchmark?

Hengchi 3 - Hyperscreen and enormous range

More and more details about the Hengchi electric cars leak to the media. Evergrande Auto's Hengchi 3 is an all-electric luxury-class SUV. There are no current pictures of him and no clearly assignable prototypes. It would be possible that the

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Battery charging, power consumption, range in the instrument cluster.

Saab 9-3 Griffin ePower (Picture Resolution)

On Friday, we were looking for a Saab that does not actually exist. Because of this, many answers were probably very close to the truth, but not correct to 100%. That it also has a Griffin from the Saab 9-3 electric car

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SAAB 9-3 EV in Aftonbladet

The NEVS press department currently seems to have a busy schedule. In Sweden and the Netherlands, articles about Saab keep appearing, and a few days ago the Aftonbaldet visited the factory in Trollhättan.

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Survey. Electromobility in winter?

NEVS is focusing on the electric drive at Saab. The first all-electric Saab will celebrate its world premiere in Beijing in April. Reason enough to deal with the topic and to ask the readers for their opinion. Because one

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