More than 8 millions of readers on the blog!

8 million blog readers!

8 years blog, 8 million readers. Yesterday, shortly after 15: 00 PM, we welcomed the 8 millionth reader on our site. Not bad, because Saab is neither a trendy topic, nor do we have a large audience. But the opportunity, about the changes

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Snow? Everything Swede or what?

Saab. The route is the goal.

In the 52 years of my life, everything has always revolved around cars. Even as a little boy, I loved to rock the Citroen DS with my father with us in Vienna for the time, and have the other cars

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Saab Summertime!

It is now a good Saab tradition on the blog - we ask the readers about your Saab story. We are open to everything as long as it has to do with the brand. My first Saab, a Saab restoration that never

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900 subscribers!

On the 26. February 2015 we were able to welcome, after some 4 years of blog work, 500 subscribers. Enormous, and a milestone in development. It will not be much more than that was my thought then. The facts, on the other hand, are the Saab brand

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Blog intern. Saab blog present and future.

Let's talk about the blog today, because it's time to look back and see the future. launched in February 2011 with the basic idea, the brand Saab with experience and test reports around the Swedish

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