Saab at the Retro Classics

Picture Gallery. Saab at the Retro Classics

The classic fair in Stuttgart has opened. Saab is present on site, the stand is worth visiting. It is refreshingly different from what we are used to from classic exhibitions. Creative, provocative and anything but boring. The appearance is all about

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Retro classics. Vehicle sales exchange in Hall 6. Image: Retro Messen GmbH

Saab at the Retro Classics Stuttgart 2020

The Retro Classics will open its doors in a few days. The Stuttgart Classic Show is the first major show on automotive culture this year and the leading trade fair in the southwest. Last year it attracted 90.000 visitors before

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The original Saab. Beginning of the small, indomitable brand from Trollhättan

Saab in Stuttgart, Osnabrück and Essen

When brands stop the new car sales, it is not far to complete disappearance. Or when was the last time a Rover, MG or Daihatsu crossed my path? The Japanese hired 2013 for the new car sales, Rover left the

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Saab at the Retro Classics Cologne. Picture: Richerd Holtz

Yes, honestly, we are still here!

10 years after Saab last brought numbers to the people, the brand disappears from the public. Driving a Saab is more exotic than ever, but honestly, we're still there. Time for the short reports from the scene and the quarterly figures for Orio

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