Protective films in the footwell. Just like from the factory.

Would you like a new Saab car? Here would be a 9-3 TTiD 4 sports suit!

Sure, there are people who dream of a new car. Why not. It only gets really tight when it has to be a Saab. But it is not impossible. Because even 9 years after the end of production you can find

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Our Saab blog has now become 6 months old. Also in July, our desire not to write about Swedish crises was not fulfilled. Unfortunately. But the blog has also developed well in the last month, and draw it

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Saab has with the 9-3 TTID4 a strong environmental diesel in the program. Actually, I'm not a diesel fan, for the diesel faction Saab blogger Marco is responsible, but what can you do when you are in Saab center Frankfurt, the key for

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