Rearview mirror. Speculative bubble.

On Wednesday, the Saab auction ended in Sweden. Already in the run-up there was great interest and even on the auction day came here with mails to questions. I answered the least of them. Because it was usually the "usual suspects" who are bargain hunting for more than a year. The then even after a long phone call do not want to understand that no dealer will give an 3 year warranty for a never produce Saab model year. Or simply not want to see the risk, if you buy a never introduced in Europe model like the Saab 9-4x. No, this is a blog. No Saab helpdesk.

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SAAB community. Saab growth and updates.

If there was something like a Saab merit medal, then friend Götz would be a candidate for it. Because he has inspired many people for the brand and he always tempted to buy more Saabs ... With his Saab friend Dietrich Götz was traveling in recent days - of course, the Saab purchase, what else.

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