The idea was simple. To turn an old Saab into an almost new car

The missed opportunities and their consequences

Does anyone still remember 2015 and the Ida project? It all started with a disaster. An old and admittedly pretty neglected Saab 9-5 caused trouble. Not that this is Saab specific. If you don't care for cars, you have to go with them

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Comfort flashing for the 9-3 floor and 9-5 floor

Flashing comfort = safety. Can be retrofitted to Saab 9-3 and 9-5

Saab has not been building cars for years. Model maintenance in the broadest sense takes place again and again. The most recent example is the comfort flashing for 9-3 floor and Saab 9-5 floor. The desire to keep the vehicles on the road as long as possible

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