New Saab 9-7x in the Saab showroom

A cool V8 against the zeitgeist - a new Saab 9-7x!

The ultimate antidote to the zeitgeist? A real American V8! Exotically delicious garnished and dressed in Swedish clothes. A combination that was only available from Saab. The Saab 9-7x was originally supposed to be an Oldsmobile Bravada and shared its genes

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Actually an Oldsmobile that was trimmed for Saab

Forgotten in the vacation home? An almost new Saab 9-7x.

There are these stories. The car that is put away and forgotten. At some point you rediscover it. There is a Saab! What a surprise! In our case it is a 9-7x. Not necessarily the car you fan

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2006 Saab 9-7X, the ignition lock sits in the center console

Where's the ignition lock? Saab 9-7x commercial USA.

Where is it? The ignition lock. It is usually located on the right of the steering column. With special cars also to the left of it. Or on the center console. Today it is slowly disappearing and making room for inevitable start buttons. 2005 was the thing with the ignition lock

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Deformed sheet metal after a serious accident. Picture: T. Forner

At the wrong time in the wrong place. A SAAB does its job. Is the 9-7x a SAAB?

I'm not sure which headline to choose ?! But later. I drive since 1994 SAAB, which did not necessarily happen. Born in Leipzig, Mercedes was at trade fairs, but also BMW in my Volvo

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COC Saab Archive

Saab COC certificate. Sources and prices.

Since we saved the German Saab COC archive more than a year ago, we are confronted with more and more inquiries. We can not always help with the search. Therefore here are the facts, the peculiarities, and the contact persons in one

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Ignition lock in the center tunnel. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Weekly Review. Saab 9-7x. NEVS.

Is he a Saab or is he not one? The 9-7x provides material for discussion, and the opinion usually goes very clearly in one direction. No, they say he's not a Saab. It is a disguised Chevrolet that is visually trimmed to Saab

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Saab 9-6x the opportunity given?

While we wait for news from Sweden, we use the time to talk about cars. Saab 9-6x and the Saab 9-4x study are juxtaposed at the Saab Museum Trollhättan. The one never went into production, the other was only for

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Outside Saab meeting - Bremen

After the weather had not meant it so well the last few days, on Saturday the sun showed up for a while and accompanied a nice and very harmonious meeting in the north of Germany.

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