SAAB weekend. True heroes.

In Bamberg a Saab 900 Turbo 16 S was for sale. An article about an (almost) drama and quite openly a shame for the Saab community. No friendly article that I write today. If you do not want to read that, you should stop now. Here are the details of the allegedly so coveted cult -Sab. Last year of production, two previous owners. Complete Saab history in the legendary Saab color "Odoardo-Grau". Unbastelter condition, leather upholstery with the coveted, because rare, leather inserts in the doors. Rare Saab additional instruments, with the original Saab lettering, in the cockpit.

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SAAB Video: SAAB Turbo X IAA Frankfurt 2007

It was a good sign. At the IAA 2007, in addition to the redesigned 9-3 series, a black Saab 900 Turbo 16 S and a Turbo X were in the immediate vicinity on the Saab stand. Finally, I thought, you remember the tradition and the old ones Saab strengths. The Turbo X, of course only available in jet-black, should continue the history of the 900 Turbo 16 S and continue the tradition of compact high-performance cars from Trollhättan.

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SAAB day: Saab in the press

Rumors spread quickly. Especially when it comes to Saab. It all started with a report by the magazine Autocar. The new Saab owners want to build the 9-3 in China, as it was read a few days ago, the plant in Trollhättan to be dismantled. All nonsense, I thought, and ignored the article.

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