Japanese Swede in Schleswig-Holstein

Japanese Swede in Schleswig-Holstein - Saab 9000 CD

I actually didn't need it, the Saab 9000 CD. I had just sold a 9000 CC with the firm intention of reducing the vehicle fleet a little. Many of you know what is coming from personal experience. After me

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Saab 9000 CD Rescue (2)

Writing about maintaining the value of older cars has become a sociopolitical statement. It wasn't always like that, especially not in 2011 when I started writing. Times have changed, and so is the preservation of old vehicles

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Saab 9000 CD, the least popular version of the great Sweden

A Saab 9000 CD Rescue (Part 1)

Life is not always fair. Above all, it is not objective, because otherwise the Saab 9000 CD would be a car that ranked high on the popularity scale. The opposite is the case. The 9k with the trunk

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Off to Sweden! 9-5 NG SC 2012 by Saab collector Zabel. Photo Credit: 95sc2012.com

Briefly reported. Sweden - good bye and hello!

In the last few days you could learn an exciting lesson about Saab - what cars can be worth when the brand no longer exists. And what the Saab community can do. It all started quite harmlessly. With an article

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Saab-Scania Image film 1989

Technology group. Saab Scania Image Film 1989!

Maybe it was the good time for Saab. Or maybe not, because the crises of the 80er years forced Saab to sell the car business. At the time, the Saab-Scania Group was broad-based. Aircraft, satellites, buses, trucks and cars construction. Even computers made the Swedes and set up some data center at that time.

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SAAB Tag: Community & Torque by Saab Parts

For Saab drivers there is, at least in England, a new customer magazine. But first we talk about news from the fans. We are always happy when positive reactions come from the Saab Community. A good week ago, Volker had one

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Saab 9000, the fast Swede from the upper class

A look back at the younger Saab past and time for a Saab 9000 buying guide. The last Saab of the Saab-Scania era is the Saab 9000. Developed from 1979 he came 1985 on the market. The first post by Saab for

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