Saab 9000 CSE Anniversary, the Anna Project.

Saab 9000 Anna Project (Part 5) Driving Report

June 2015. The Saab Festival in Trollhättan is history. The Swedish ferry brings Mark and me back to Kiel. In the center of Saab Anna is ready for the tour to the south. In front of me are 620 kilometers with the 9000 CSE. A distance that

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SAAB projects. Yellow Danger and the Saab 9000 Club.

Some people are said to collect stamps. Other model trains. Supposedly it is so, supposedly that should be fun. But these things are very small and not for real "petrol-heads". We collect things in original size. According to the motto "a Saab is not a Saab", there are new, rusty Sweden projects in Hamburg and Frankfurt. Our Youngtimer blog will accompany these projects, not knowing how the stories go out.

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Saab 9000, the fast Swede from the upper class

A look back at the younger Saab past and time for a Saab 9000 buying guide. The last Saab of the Saab-Scania era is the Saab 9000. Developed from 1979 he came 1985 on the market. The first post by Saab for

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