A surprise - Saab 99 Turbo from DNA Collectibles

Surprise of the year - Saab 99 Turbo from DNA

There are model cars that one waits more or less eagerly for. The Saab 99 Turbo that DNA Collectibles launched this year did not belong to this category. My expectations were not particularly high, the Saab 9000 model

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Sweden find. A pre-series 99 Turbo from a barn in Jämtland.

Record price for pre-series Saab 99 Turbo

A very special Saab 2 Turbo stood in a barn in Jämtland for around two decades. Ignored, maybe even forgotten. One of the very first to be built in Trollhättan. A pre-series vehicle produced in May 99. For

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Saabblog.net Fleecemuetze.

Saab model cars - and a gift from the blog!

It is not easy for us! Finding great ideas and gifts ... it gets more complicated every year. The brand from Trollhättan is an insider tip - a very lively one, but also an exclusive one. We make the search easier and have

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For collectors. Saab 99 Turbo for sale.

Some things come as a surprise. Since a Saab fan fulfilled a long-awaited dream, which is then only a short-lived. At the Nordi Car Classic in Elmshorn, the Saab 99 Turbo was still in the limelight, admired by the visitors. Now

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SAAB Weekend: First Snow and Saab-NEVS messages

Also here in northern Bavaria the first snow has arrived. No problem, because our Saabs have four-wheel drive or engine heating and are well prepared for the winter. The Saab Seniors Group, our two 9000ers, stand in dry halls, and for both it is the first winter without snow, ice and road salt after 19 or 14 years.

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Which makes us (also) happy ... Part III

It must have been sometime in the 90 years. I had just become happy as a proud Saab driver with my new Saab 900s, this was a Saab 99 Turbo on the farm at my Saab dealer. With an interior decorated in different shades of pink and red that appealed to all taste buds. Somehow I got to the car key and it went through the city and the Spessart. There are rides that you will not forget. If a Saab 900 Turbos 16S was already a caliber in itself, the smaller, lighter 99 Turbo was even more direct and equipped with an infinite turbo lag.

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SAAB Day: Swedish notes and donations to the museum

We are looking forward to Sweden, but almost nothing is happening. The real estate sale is churning and the administrators seem determined to get the Saab factory back. The buildings in the stallbacka were

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Saab Classic: No market for Saab 99?

Is the Saab 99 the wallflower of the classic scene? Or does it depend on the shape of the body? A very rare Saab 99 combicoupe, which was for sale in Berlin, was very fast in the good hands of one

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