Relaxing - Saab 900 II Showroom Video

In the 90s, Saab Germany produced a whole range of short showroom videos. Sometimes they were quite creative and cut Swedish films into a compact format. Sometimes, and this is the surprise, there were in-house productions by the Germans

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The Saab Germany balloon team in the 90s

At the beginning. The Saab Germany balloon team.

The picturesque Vordertaunus is one of the most popular residential areas in the Rhine-Main area. Purchasing power is disproportionately high in cities like Kronberg and is a top value in a German comparison. So it is not particularly surprising that luxury brands choose the Taunus for their German headquarters.

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Saab 9-3 and 9-5 Aero on the Boxberg route

German Saab history. Saab Aero vs. Boxberg.

Here comes no image film in the glossy format. If you expect that, you could be disappointed. It's about a Saab Germany press event in January 2000. The occasion was the launch of the Saab 9-5 Aero.

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The new Saab 900 II Cabriolet

Presentation. The new Saab 900 II Cabriolet.

There was a time when convertibles played a big role. You could also say that it was the convertible itself that Saab had saved - back then, 31 years ago, when the first open Saabs rolled to customers.

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Saab 900 II V6. Image: Saab Automobile AB

Saab 900 II. Sweden Promo 1993.

24 years ago, the world was still in order at Saab. Almost at least! After all, it was a time of hope and pride. A completely newly developed Saab 900 II rolled off the assembly lines, the ambitions were high.

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Saab Sonnet II, BJ 1968 with Tobias Kaboth, Mobile Forum Dresden

SAAB day: Saab on the AMI ??

Saab at the AMI !! How can a car manufacturer that has been under the administration of administrators for over 5 months and that has not produced any cars for more than a year be represented at the largest German auto show in 2012? And especially with which ones

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SAAB News: Saab Germany in new premises

The path is steep, but Saab has been walking uphill step by step since December 19. After the “black day”, a lot has happened in a positive way. The supply of spare parts is at a satisfactory level in the pressing plant in Sweden

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SAAB Center Frankfurt: Goodbye and… hello!

At the end of the month ends in Frankfurt a Saab tradition. The Saab Zentrum Frankfurt, as the last Saab factory in Germany, closes its doors. Although there is a restart in the same building with a proven team, so that the Saab driver in the room

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SAAB News: Good Saab news for Germany

In December everything was gray on gray and it was a bad time for us Saab fans. Much has brightened up since then, and just in time for the start of spring, the situation appears in a friendlier light. Saab is on one

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SAAB auction on the Internet

For Germany again runs a Saab auction. While many linear models were included in the first auction, interesting and well-equipped Saab 9-3 Vector types are now available. Even four-wheel friends could with a Saab 9-3x the suitable vehicle

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Driving Report Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 Sportkombi

Honestly people. Which car brand makes a “consumer” test drive on German roads with a pre-series model? Not an ordinary one or ?? But slowly and from the beginning.

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Saab Lage in Germany - Departure in the right direction!

Something is happening at Saab Germany! In the phone calls and conversations of the last few days I could feel the enthusiasm and energy that reigns behind closed doors. Kind of a combative mood, hard to pin down but good to feel. Well

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The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

Loyalty to the brand! We are many - we are Saab!

In many countries around the world Saab fans have been on the road this weekend to show their commitment to their brand. Somehow, it leaves me with a proud, but also a sad feeling. I was not there for the weekend, for one

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Saab Location: Development in England and Germany

Some things are unspectacular at first glance, but they are important. Saab GB has done it and it would be desirable that something similar happens in Germany soon. Our well-informed friend in Stockholm today hinted at such a possibility. In

Read more ... Saab diary 2012 online! is the most widely read German language blog with more than 150.000 visitors a month. To give the Saab drivers an overview of the many activities of the Saab fans and clubs, we have put together an appointment book online. Because the blog

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