The Saab Germany balloon team in the 90s

At the beginning. The Saab Germany balloon team.

The picturesque Vordertaunus is one of the most popular residential areas in the Rhine-Main area. Purchasing power is disproportionately high in cities like Kronberg and is top of the list in Germany. It comes as no surprise that luxury brands choose the Taunus for their German headquarters.

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Saab Sonnet II, BJ 1968 with Tobias Kaboth, Mobile Forum Dresden

SAAB day: Saab on the AMI ??

Saab on the AMI !! How can an automaker that has been operating for over 5 months under the administration of the administrators, who has been producing cars for more than a year, be represented at the largest German auto show 2012. And especially with which

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Saab location in Germany - departure in the right direction!

Something is happening at Saab Germany! In the phone calls and conversations of the last few days I could feel the enthusiasm and the energy that prevails behind closed doors. Somehow a combative mood, hard to grasp, but to feel good. Well

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