Phoenix Photo Event. Trollhattan 2011

From hardware to software

Over the weekend I flee to northern German regions that are guaranteed to be free of carnival. A blogger meeting is on the agenda; we are working to get the story in the famous dry wipes with our 2016 Project Saab. I also meet nice Saab people, and at the latest

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SAAB News: Development expertise at the Trollhättan site

After the Saab bankruptcy in December, it was our concern that the Saab competencies could quickly disappear into all parts of the world. Now, after three months, it shows that our concern was unfounded. Certain are some engineers and

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Saab News: SES Saab Engineering Services

Saab founded an independent development and engineering company last year. After the, well-chosen, model of Porsche in Weisach also in Trollhättan car manufacturing know-how is to be made accessible for other enterprises.

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