Saab 9000, Anna Project

A chassis for the 9k. Saab original or not?

If it were after the mainstream, then you should not get involved in old cars. Digital mobility is coming, electric cars, fully networked, are considered the future. What do you want there with an analog, now 20 years old Saab

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Driving pleasure with 324.000 kilometers. Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet

Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet. Formula fun 324.000.

Our Saab 9000, the Anna Project, has a problem. The air conditioning compressor seems to leak, he has to go to the workshop. As always, the yard at Saab Service Frankfurt is full of vehicles waiting to be repaired. On the street in front of the

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3 x Saab 900, 1 x Saab 9000. Full workshop at Saab Service Frankfurt

Invitation. 5 years Saab Service Frankfurt.

It's already 5 years ago, when Gerard Ratzmann dared to take the step into self-employment. At the time, we had a very humorous interview that I remember well. Since then a lot has happened. The courage paid off, because in the

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SAAB cult. Get in with the Saab 9000 CS.

Today you would not build such a car anymore. The Saab 9000 combines Swedish engineering with an almost Italian elegance and nonchalance. The best of two worlds would drive some marketing departments to madness today. But almost 30 years ago, things were feasible that would not be discussed today.

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SAAB Dates: Saab Midsommar Fest 2012 Frankfurt

Midsommar is the festival of the year in Sweden. In Trollhättan, the home of our favorite brand, it is celebrated with the Falling Dagar. Reason for us to start a Midsommar Fest in Frankfurt. Saab-Service-Frankfurt and the Saab friends Rhein-Main invite on

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