Automobile basic work. The local Saab scene.

While the big Saab meetings repeatedly receive media attention, the basic work takes place in silence. In doing so, she lays the foundation for love for an old, deceased brand. And keeps them on like that

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The little things are often what makes Saab today

Hello dear Saab crazy, I don't know since when I've been "on" the blog - it felt like an eternity ... There were times when "ER" cost me a lot of free time - so many exciting ones

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Saab dates October 2016

At the beginning of the month there is, as always, our date preview. It will be noticeably quieter in October, the big meetings of this year have taken place. The many get-togethers give the opportunity to Saab Talk, the appointment calendar receives

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Dates May 2016

Our saabiger calendar for the month of May. This month the Saab Friends Erftkreis troll rally takes place, the event is fully booked. In the north there could be another very interesting Saab appointment for classic

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Dates April 2016

In April we leave the winter months behind us for good. The frequency of appointments around Saab is increasing. Since appointments and get-togethers are not always set well in advance, they can be added to our calendar at any time

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Dates March 2016

Many vehicles start the new season in March. Saab youngtimers and classics are leaving their garages and halls, the variety of vehicles at the meeting is increasing. Our calendar has for the third month of the year

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Dates February 2016

It is February. The Saab classics and youngtimers approved for seasonal registration sleep in the garages and halls. No reason not to indulge our Saab hobby anyway. Our Saab dates for the February 2016.

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The SAAB community is alive. We wrote about this in detail last week. We recently received a message from the far north of Germany. The SAAB regulars' table will take place there on Friday, March 06th

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So now from my side to all readers and SAAB drivers a successful and above all healthy 2015. My first article comes very late, but the desk was around Christmas after the days off

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SAAB Calendar: Dates February 2013

Tonight there was a message from the Saab friends in Stuttgart to a regulars' table meeting tomorrow, Friday in the Meilenwerk Böblingen. There is more information in the updated calendar entry February ... If you are planning a meeting and a

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Saab Club Rhein-Main: January meeting in Frankfurt

As every month, the meeting of the regional Saab Club Rhein-Main will also take place on Friday. Saab drivers and all friends of the brand are cordially invited. It's a casual get-together in a casual

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Saab Club Rhein-Main: Christmas Stammtisch 2011

The registration period for the Christmas get-togethers of the Saab Club Rhein-Main runs on December 05.12th. away. So far, almost 20 participants have announced themselves to Wolfgang Messer. To make the evening as “saaby” and Christmassy as possible, we have a

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Saab meeting: Erlangen Saab Stammtisch

Hello Saab friends, on Friday it's that time again we meet in Großenbuch for the Saab regulars' table. The Erlanger Saab Stammtisch will take place on Friday, November 25th, 2011. We'll meet at 20.00:XNUMX p.m.

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